Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Tensai Jounin class skills in Ninja Saga

The title Special Tensai Jouninwill give to pass successfully the test Tensai special Jounin, Kage. And you have the option of joining one of the five divisions namely; Kind of intelligence, surprise attack class, Sensor class, class of heavy attack, and medical class. You will also receive a skill of class based on their choice.

Intelligence class Jutsu

-Scout HP/CP of destination and any 4 Jutsu of objectives
Additional effects : shows the current and total number of HP and Cap of all enemies. This effect is passive but the effect only works lapping the mouse on the icon

Surprise attack class Jutsu

-Directly attack to a single destination, damage is determined the destination x 700 of remaining HP. The further fate of HP remains, the most damage.
Additional effects:700 X HP remained the destination determines the damage inflicted to a destination. The largest is destination HP, the most damage.

Sensor class Jutsu

-Eliminate all State negative, can be used even in stun or restriction or chaos, etc.
Additional effects : moulds Debuff clear in the user: Removes all debuffs destination immediately.

Heavy attack class Jutsu

-Collect a ball of Chakra in each turn, making 150% damage attack after charge successfully 7 balls in total.
Additional effects:This ability is initially in cooling of 7 laps. It increases the damage from attack for the next attack of caster by 50 %

Medical class Jutsu

-Heal you and his teammates during a battle.
Additional effects:Increase 1000 HP to his team.
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