Friday, August 5, 2011

Ninja Saga Kyuubi Pet and Takachi

The mascot of Kyuubi Ninja saga is a limited pet. He is only achieved through official payments of 05 August to 14 August 2011.
Karius credits for the screenshot.
Skills | Description
1. Basic attack - basic of pet
2. The ball of fire - shoots light a small ball of fire from his mouth. As a tailed beast pump.
3 Gedo Cannon - chakra beam shoots to restrict the destination 1 turn
4 Gedo armor - damage attack of pet increased by 100% and critical chance by 25% (side effect: take 20% additional damage)(2_turns)
5 Secret: Fire bullet combined - shoot fire balls to reduce HP (1%) to 4 laps
6 Secret: Broken world - activate Gedo beam chakra outbreaks to restrict all target of 1. AOE.
This is the new pet replacing Kame in the event of "invite friend". Once you have been invited to 25 friends, can get this as free.
Skills | Description
Credits to Geronimo78 of the skills and the images of pets.
1 Basic (LV 1) - basic attack dog attack.
2 Thunder strike (5 LV) - no effect
3 Thunder Bolt (10 LV) - no effect
4 Thunder Scream (20 LV) - increase teacher attack damage by 5% (5 laps).
5 Secret: Thunder Shadow (30 LV) - no effect
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eww they should gave takachi some power, i mean WTF we gave them new 25 fucking players what an assholes

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