Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ninja Saga-tailed beast Pet: Rokubi

Rokubi is a tailed beast ninja saga with 6 tails pet. In Naruto Shippuden the name of six queues is Saiken. Saiken is a slug with 6 tails.

rokubi pet ninja saga

How to claim

Free claim when youpurchase the following packages during March 21 - 03 April 2012.
  • Emblem
  • 7500 Tokens
  • 2200 Tokens

Skills | Description

1. Storm Blade (Lvl 5) - tornado of use to do the agudos destination blade and attack. Cause bleeding from 5% (1 time).

2. Ray Tornado (Lvl 10) - Stun target to 1 return.

3. Tenarashi Armor - inject chakra owner, the ability of the owner - 2 cooling.

4 Secret space: vacuum -triggered an explosion and create an atmosphere of vacuum. Reduce 20% of the damage of fate (5 laps).

5 Secret: global storm dance -summon lightning and tornado to attack all targets. Destination will be restricted (1 lap).

Rokubi in action

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cheat Ninja Saga Easter 2012 - Kari Badge Hack, German head

Have much time to complete missions this Holy week in Ninja Saga? Use tricks! The following are existing at the time of writing this post cheats. I do not have the trap. I just want to share with you. Use cheats responsive. I agree that no responsible for any banned accounts.

German (One Hit Kill) Chief Cheat

This trick make the world heads level 1 by what are them can kill easily with 1 hit. This trick is good for ninjas from low levels that not only a head. You no longer need to hire friends or NPCs.


How to use Fiddler to cheat Ninja Saga 2012 Easter
1. Download and install Fiddler if you don't have one. Download the SWF file.
2. Run the violinist > click on AutoResponder and drag the SWF file.
3 Check the "enable automatic responses" and "requests unique pass-through"
4 Clear cache (press Ctrl + Shift + Delete).
5. Open Ninja Saga > go hunting home.
6 Kill all heads.

See the image below for instructions. Click on the image to enlarge.

Kari Badge Hack Ninja Saga - non-permanent

This trick gives you unlimited Kari Badge. Kari insignia is a prerequisite for fighting against the heads of the House of hunting. Each fight costs 5 badges of Kari. This trick is not permanent. But you may want to try.


Instructions on how to use Charles to cheat Ninja Saga 2012 of Easter
1. Open ninja saga
2 Open charles
3. Open hunting House
4. You can see that it can claim its insignia of kari
5. Click point of interruption
6. Then they claim the insignia of kari
7 Charles will open automally
8. Click Run once
9. Click Edit response, and Amf
10 Change only the value of reward 1-999
11. Click on run
12 Enjoyment of

While this is not permanent, some tricks with Charles is permanent as the hairstyle hack for users of emblem.

At the time of writing, there is no existing trick for the currency Gashapon and materials form the new team. That is all I can show them today. If you enjopyed this post, kindly tweet or + 1 button. Thank you!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pets and love - a day of San Valentín of Ninja Saga event 2012

Pets and love is an event of Ninja Saga Valentine 2012 started the 08 February 2012 and ends on February 20. The ninjas are exciting and challenging missions. Limited Edition rewards as the mascot of St. Valentine, hairstyle, weapons, clothing, subsequent element and kinjutsu will occur after each completed mission. Feel the love! Play now!

From the Ninja Saga Facebook official page

ninja saga valentines day 2012
Image is attributed to the official Ninja Saga fan page

Get love this day of Valentine in Ninja Saga. Experience what it means love and Valentine's day not only of emotions but also most difficult missions for the Ninjas in this Valentine's day event! Do you feel the excitement? Logon to the game now!

Missions and rewards

A ninja will receive a daily 1 love seed after him entering the game. You can use it to complete certain missions as lovers get pets Kumanosuke. A ninja must complete the previous mission to continue to the following missions.

1 Kumanosuke pet

Kumanosuke skills

2. Charming Aura red/pink/black (copy of article)
  • Put a pet in the Villa of Pet - pet will undergo training. Training time will be reduced by 50%.
  • Invite a new friend to play or pay 50 credits to skip this step.

Aura effects: 2% damage increase / reduce damage taken 2% / increase critical chance 2%

3.2012 Valentine's day hairstyle


  • Pick 4 flowers of friends or pay 60 tokens
  • Collect 10 envelopes of Valentine's day or pay 80 chips

4.2012 Valentine Tuxedo


  • Help Kumanosuke learn 1 skill or pay 30 tokens
  • Collect 3 seeds of love or pay 150 tokens

5 Kinjutsu: Advance Baku shinjutsu


  • Ask your friends to help collect 3 roses or pay 45 symbols (tokens)
  • ---

Ability to preview

6. Lacónica / special / fine / mystery Boquet (weapon)
  • Invite a friend to play Ninja Saga.
  • Collect 5 seeds of love.

Get a preview of all rewards

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Friday, March 16, 2012

11 Ninja Saga cheats in 1 - 18 February 2012 work

This trick is working 100% as of February 18, 2012. This trick has 11 properties listed below with the corresponding descriptions. Remember that you to trick certain missions, needing to reach the required level. Otherwise, it can do the trick.

  • Car kills world Boss - don't fight heads to collect magatama.
  • Mission 1 TP - TP mission instantly complete 1.
  • Mission TP 2 - instantly complete the TP 2.
  • Mission TP 3 - instantly complete the TP 3.
  • Mission TP 4 - instantly complete the TP 4.
  • Complete daily task - instantly complete the daily task.
  • Dark NPCs + all points of 100 -lv can recruit. 100 NPCs and all its statistics are 100.
  • Full review of Chunin - without having to undergo the tests. Instantly become a Chunin if your level is 20.
  • Jounin exam. Instantly become a Jounin without doing the test if your level is 40.
  • Achievement hack - get all the accomplishments without doing anything. Achievements do not have any importance at present, but he believed that in the future, it will serve its purpose.
  • Emblem + 2000 Token -this is not permanent.


This trick is possibly done byPurnama Yasa NsScriptHack

- Violinist
- SWF file (password is
Instructions on how to use the trick

1. Download Fiddler and the SWF file.
2. Run the violinist.
3 Extract the SWF file.
4. Click local drive > check "Enable automatic responses" > check "Incomparable requests pass-through" > drag all the elements to the violinist except reading in the file Readme. See the following screenshot.

4 Clear cache.
5. Open Ninja Saga and click on the store.
6. Click a trap and click on buy.
7 Enjoy the tips!

Note: can get disconnected for some time. Simply refresh the page and you will get back up and running. Use the trick responsibly. Not abuse or you'll get banned.

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Emblem in Ninja Saga free account contest

Ninjas from good day! I was thinking that you running a contest of "Free tells emblem in Ninja Saga" in this blog. And what would be the contest?

I still think as I would also like to promote this blog to increase my readership and build a community. Why Awards? I have 5 accounts of emblem for the award. But if someone would like to donate prizes, I gladly would then accept.

About the type of contest, I relate to Ninja Saga. It can be a writing contest for blog about Ninja Saga, poster making, making the Video, best strategy PVP etc...

The question is, will there be players of Ninja Saga who will participate? The more happier. For now I have $100 my manga. I'm still accumulating funds for the contest. I would like to get $500-$ 1000 as a total of awards. Imagine how many accounts emblem could give.

If there is someone who wants to be a sponsor of our contest, can write me here:

Thanks to all the loyal readers and visitors of this blog. Without you, I can not accumulate $100. I really won them in Google Adsense. I would like some suggestions for you. Feel free to comment!

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