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Ninja Saga TP mission: strange potion Guide

TP on Ninja Saga missions are the basic form of talent points for our secret talent and extreme. There are currently four missions in the list, but only three are selected at random each day. Each mission gives you 10 TP so do you 30 TP day completing missions.

Strange potion is one of the missions to obtain TP. To complete the mission, you have to memorize and properly arrange the sequence of stamps from the hand of a certain jutsu. I know that you can get it by having to print screen the labels by hand before the close, paste it into Paint and referring to it up to finish the fifth level. This strategy is what is making the most players. But this time we are going to do it the other way around; familiarize ourselves with the hand seals.

This guide is made by my master pervy and originally published on his blog. You can check the original post; Ninja Saga TP mission: strange potion . My post is just a remake. Here is how can make you the path of the ninja.

He accepted the challenge? Let's move on.

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with the stamps in the hands of Ninja

 ninja hand seals

Step2. Stamps of hand jutsu

Starfire explosion - Hare Tiger wild boar Dragon bird snake beef dog Ram rat
I lightning ball burst - rat Ram Dragon Hare boar bird beef dog tiger snake

LV 1-2:

Dual Twister - rat ox
Fist - birds of the Earth Rat
Smash - Earth Hare ave
Wall of Earth - Rat Ram
Earth strangle - Dragon boar
Burning flame - boar bird
Ardent Spike wheel - rat dog
Fire blast - Tiger Hare
Lightning Edge - snake Hare
Ray spark - dog tiger
Ray - Dog Ram
Update - Ram Tiger
Twister - bird snake
Water Ball - Ram Tiger
Burst - bird of otters
Shark Missile - boar's water snake
Wind Cannon - ox Ram
Prison - boar otters
Whirlwind Spin - Hare Snake

LV 3:

Beam - boar ox bird Tiger
Blast - Hare Ram snake Dragon of Earth
Erosion - Hare Ram Tiger Hound of Earth
Spike - Dragon Bird boar Earth ox
Giant explosive Kunai - Hare Ram Tiger rat
Spike - Dragon Bird boar Earth ox
Fiery missiles bird - Dragon dog wild boar rat
Ardent Bird Strike - snake bird Tiger Hare
Vortex - rat ox Tiger fire dragon
Lightning Golem - bird of wild boar rat Ram
Dispersion of x-ray - Ram Tiger snake dog
Thunderstorm - rat Ram bird snake
Golem - boar rat bird of clay Dragon
Dragon Vortex - dog tiger Hare water ox
Assault - Bird boar ox Tiger of the wind
Blast - Ram Dragon wind Hare rat
Impale water - Ox Hare dog Dragon
Wind Rush - Ram bird Tiger wild boar
Water Jet Cannon - Tiger snake boar bird
Shark Missile - snake Hare boar water ox

LV 4:

Wind knife - Dragon ox Tiger Hare boar bird
Double Earth Smash - Dragon Snake bird dog Tiger Ram
Double arrows of fire - dog Tiger Ram boar rat ox
Double Fireball - snake rat dog wild boar Ram Dragon
Double blast of water - boar Ram Hare Dragon Tiger ave
Double assault of wind - boar beef dog rat Ram Dragon
Whirlwind - Tiger snake Hare Ram ox Firebird
Erosion - Hare Ram Tiger Hound of Earth
Fist of Earth - Rat Hare boar bird snake ox
Earth Spina - boar rat Ram Dragon Tiger Snake bird dog
Authorised Lightning Edge - Ox Hare Tiger rat snake bird
Boulder - Ox Ram Hare dog Tiger land birds
Boulder Rock - Ram Dragon boar snake rat dog on Earth
Lightning arrow Strike - dog rat Hare Ram Dragon Snake
Rays of lightning - Ram bird dog Tiger wild boar rat
Lightning shock - snake boar Ram Dragon dog ox
Pillar of called - dog snake Hare rat Tiger ave
Twin shark missile - bird Dragon boar Hare rat snake
Burst of shark - dog Hare beef boar Tiger water birds
Launches - boar Dragon Bird rat ox water dog
Wind storm - dog rat snake boar ox Hare

5 LV:

Beam launches - dog Dragon Tiger Rat Snake Ram boar bird
Double edge of water - Tiger Hare Dragon dog snake Ram ox rat
Double sphere of water - Ram dog wild boar rat Dragon Tiger Snake bird
Earth fist combined - Ram dog rat boar ox bird snake Dragon
Earth - boar rat spines Ram Dragon Tiger Snake bird dog
Earth fist strike - Dragon ox bird snake boar Tiger dog Ram
Flash wind Chop - bird dog rat snake Ram Dragon Tiger wild boar
Explosion of fist - boar rat ox Tiger Dragon dog Ram Firebird
Launches Ray - Ram of ox Tiger snake boar bird dog Dragon
Hammer lightning - rat ox bird snake Dragon dog wild boar Ram
Fireball multi - Ox Tiger Rat Dragon Snake dog Ram Hare
Piercing Fire Dance - Dragon Ram ox Tiger rat snake dog Hare
Raise the fist of fire - rat dog Ram bird Dragon Tiger wild boar steak
Rock Dumplings - Dragon dog wild boar steak bird ratsnake Ram
Dispersion of storm - Ox dog Dragon boar bird Ratsnake Ram
Cutter - boar Hare Dragon ox Ratsnake Ram bird of the wind
Edge wind Chop - boar bird ox Ram Dragon Tiger Ratsnake
Wind piercing Strike - boar Ram Dragon Bird Dog rat snake ox
Area - bird dog wild boar rat Dragon Tiger Ram water snake
Water swallow - Hare dog rat ox Ram Dragon Tiger Snake

Can now tell me, it is more appropriate? Do by SS on the image and wait for 20 seconds or doing this method?

If this information is incorrect, please contact me Me through the contact page.

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